Zinc oxide for arrester and electron

CAS No.:1314-13-2


Molecular Formula:ZnO

Molecular Weight:81.39

Appearance:White or light yellow fine powder, odorless, tasteless, Yellow at high temperature and white after cooling, melting point of 1975℃ (3587F)

Solubility:It is a two-stage oxide, soluble in acid、concentrated hydroxid、 ammonia water and ammonium salt solutions, difficult to dissolve in water and ethanol。



1. In the electronics industry, Zinc oxide for arrester purpose is mainly used to manufacture the magnetic elements of electronic structure-Ferrite; moreover, TV, radio, telecommunications installations and rheostat all adopts such magnetic materials.

2. It is widely used in the production of pressure – sensitive resistors, thermal resistors and other electronic components.


1. The particle size is small and uniform, making it easy to fully integrate with other ingredients in the use process and reducing the deviation of physical parameters of electronic components; .

2. High purity, easy operation, conducive to improving the quality rate;

3. The content of copper, manganese, aluminum, iron and other elements is small, which has little impact on the performance of electronic components and can reduce the error between actual value and theoretical value;

4. Compared with the traditional silicon carbide arrester, zinc oxide lightning arrester has good protective, flow ability, resistance to carrying capacity is strong, simple structure, high reliability characteristics, can provide the best protection for substation equipment, power departments to have approval.

Quality standard:

Item specification
Zinc oxide (as ZnO)%,≥ 99.7
Metals (as dry)%,≤ NO
Lead oxide (as Pb)%,≤ 0.037
Ferric oxide (as Fe)%,≤ 0.002
Copper oxide (as Cu)%,≤ 0.0002
Manganese oxide (as Mn)%,≤ 0.0001
Cadmium oxide (as Cd)%,≤ 0.005
Nickel oxide(as Ni)% ,≤ 0.1
Insoluble matter in HCl%,≤ 0.006
Water soluble matter %,≤ 0.1
Loss on ignition%,≤ 0.2
Insoluble matter in HCl%,≤ 0.005
Volatile matter on 105oC%,≤ 0.3
Residue on sieve (45um mesh) %,≤ 0.1

Packing: 25kg/ bag, lined with polyethylene film bag, outer packing is covered with film woven bag.

Storage: Avoid damage, dampness, contamination and contact with acids.