Rubber grade zinc oxide

CAS No.:1314-13-2


Molecular Formula:ZnO

Molecular Weight:81.39

Appearance:White or light yellow fine powder, odorless, tasteless, Yellow at high temperature and white after cooling, melting point of 1975℃ (3587F)

Solubility:It is a two-stage oxide, soluble in acid、concentrated hydroxid、 ammonia water and ammonium salt solutions, difficult to dissolve in water and ethanol。


Rubber grade zinc oxide is mainly used in the production of radial tires, bias tires, conveyor belts, hose, rubber belt, rubber shoes and latex gloves, . The performance of their products fully comply with the standards of China, State Ministry of Chemical Industry and ASTM.



1. Strong activity, uniform particle size, strong dispersibility, good promotion of vulcanization, increase the crosslinking density of vulcanizing adhesive, and make vulcanization more thorough;

2. It can improve adhesion of rubber, steel wire, curtain fabric and other skeleton materials.

3. Good dynamic mechanical performance, small deformation of rubber products, less heat generation, good abrasion resistance and good aging resistance.

Quality standard:

Item specification
Zinc oxide (as ZnO)%,≥ 99.7 99.5 95.0
Metals (as dry)%,≤ No No No
Lead oxide (as Pb)%,≤ 0.037 0.14 0.3
Manganese oxide (as Mn)%,≤ 0.0001 0.0003 /
Copper oxide (as Cu)%,≤ 0.0002 0.0007 /
Insoluble matter in HCl%,≤ 0.006 0.05 0.10
Loss on ignition%,≤ 0.20 0.20 1
Residue on sieve (45um) %,≤ 0.10 0.20 0.40
Water soluble matter %,≤ 0.10 0.15 1
Volatile matter on 105oC%,≤ 0.3 0.5 0.8

Packing: 25kg/ bag, lined with polyethylene film bag, outer packing is covered with film woven bag.

Storage: Avoid damage, dampness, contamination and contact with acids.