Feed Grade Zinc Oxide

CAS No.:1314-13-2


Molecular Formula:ZnO

Molecular Weight:81.39

Appearance:White or light yellow fine powder, odorless, tasteless, Yellow at high temperature and white after cooling, melting point of 1975℃ (3587F)

Solubility:It is a two-stage oxide, soluble in acid、concentrated hydroxid、 ammonia water and ammonium salt solutions, difficult to dissolve in water and ethanol。


1. It is suitable for adding zinc to various kinds of feed of poultry, livestock and fishery

2. Used in the piglet feed, prevent weaned piglets diarrhea due to stress, also has the effect of improving feed remuneration, long term practice has proved that the zinc source in the form of Zinc Oxide has obvious effect on the Weanling Piglet’s diarrhea, but the soluble zinc sulfate has no effect.

3. Feed grade zinc oxide is a natural inorganic fungicide and astringent, which can promote the proliferation of intestinal villi and intestinal epithelial cells and repair the gastrointestinal mucosa and villi damage caused by weaning stress of piglets. Meanwhile, zinc oxide can inhibit the growth of bacteria and maintain the balance of intestinal flora.


1. Zinc oxide as feed additive, low cost. Compared with other zinc sources, the cost per unit of zinc oxide is significantly lower, which is beneficial to reduce the cost of feed. The addition amount is equivalent to 44% of monohydrate zinc sulfate and 28% of hydrate zinc sulfate。

2. Zinc oxide is a dry powdery zinc source, which is stable, water-free, caking-free and invariable in feed. It is convenient for feed processing and long-term storage, and has little effect on vitamins in feed.

3. As a zinc source, zinc oxide is more easily absorbed by animals than other zinc sources.

The advantage of TYSON’s feed grade zinc oxide:

1. TYSONZINC is the national standard for “feed grade zinc oxide.”

2. China’s largest manufacturer of feed grade nano-zinc oxide, annual sales of 2000 tons。

3.Feed grade zinc oxide products are sold to most provinces in China, and there are distributors in many places, and exported to Japan, the United States and other places for a long time。

4. “TYSONZINC” brand feed grade zinc oxide is produced by wet chemical method of nano-scale zinc oxide, is a nanometer size, and satisfy the feed hygiene standard of feed grade zinc oxide, mature technology, stable quality and particle size of nanometer zinc oxide is between 1-100 nm.


Quality standard:


Item specification
Zinc   oxide(as Zno)%,≥ 95 90
Zinc   oxide (as Zn)%, ≥ 76.3 72.3
Pb%,≤ 0.001 0.001
Cd %,≤ 0.0008 0.0008
As %,≤ 0.0002 0.0002
Fineness(pass   150um sieve) % , ≥ 99 99

Packing: 25kg/ bag, lined with polyethylene film bag, outer packing is covered with film woven bag.

Storage: Avoid damage, dampness, contamination and contact with acids.