The challenges facing the zinc oxide industry
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The challenges facing the zinc oxide industry

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1. Challenges from resources

Zinc oxide industry is a resource consuming industry. Direct zinc oxide consumption zinc mineral resources, indirect zinc oxide consumption zinc ingot resources, wet zinc oxide recovery and consumption zinc resources coexistence. In general, zinc resource consumed by direct zinc oxide and indirect zinc oxide accounts for more than 80% of total zinc resource consumed by zinc oxide. As zinc resources are non-renewable resources, China's zinc resources are also relatively scarce resources, China has become an importer of zinc in recent years. Although the domestic zinc resource consumption is mainly in the zinc industry, the production capacity expansion of zinc oxide in the recent five years, so when the zinc price is higher, the development of zinc oxide enterprises will be restricted.

At the same time, the production of zinc oxide is a high energy consumption industry. From the perspective of market, no matter direct zinc oxide or indirect zinc oxide, enterprises must face the problem of "zinc price", and market competition is inevitable. And the enterprise that has quality technology advantage, market environment is relatively loose a few. From the whole point of view, zinc oxide production enterprises should strive to reduce production costs. For example, advanced energy-saving measures should be adopted to reduce the single energy consumption, new technologies should be adopted to improve the level of production process control, new products should be developed to improve the level of products, the production scale and the concentration degree of the industry should be gradually improved, and the international competitiveness should be enhanced.

2. Competition from foreign high-end products

At present, domestic zinc oxide, whether direct zinc oxide, indirect zinc oxide or wet zinc oxide, products are relatively simple, varieties and specifications are relatively few, and only a few enterprises have the ability to develop independently. There are complete series of products of nano-zinc oxide abroad, including two-dimensional and three-dimensional nano-zinc oxide and multi-dimensional nano-composite materials, while there are no functional nano-zinc oxide multi-dimensional composite products in China. Functional zinc oxide has a wide range of applications, many high-tech fields used zinc oxide basic import, by foreign monopoly. And what we produce zinc oxide occupy is low-end market, a few wet zinc oxide become the raw material of reprocessing abroad again. On the one hand, it aggravates the zinc resource consumption in China. On the other hand, the status quo must be changed. The outline of the "eleventh five-year plan" for national development aims to develop high technology and pursue sustainable development. We will strengthen research in the zinc oxide industry, strengthen technical exchanges and transfer of scientific research results, strengthen links between the zinc oxide industry and related industries, strengthen international exchanges, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

To sum up, zinc oxide industry is both traditional industry and emerging industry. China's zinc oxide industry should seize the opportunity, face the challenge, and be aggressive to improve the level of the industry through science and technology, develop new zinc oxide, develop high performance zinc oxide with independent intellectual property rights, and constantly meet the demand of the high-speed development of the national economy.

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