Role of zinc oxide in ceramic glaze
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Role of zinc oxide in ceramic glaze

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Zinc oxide and zinc, generally for the white powder, odourless tasteless, showed a light yellow after high temperature calcination, its melting point is 1975 ℃. Zinc oxide is an important flux raw material in ceramic chemical industry, especially in building ceramic tile glaze and low temperature ceramic glaze. It is also widely used in artistic ceramic glaze.

Generally speaking, zinc oxide is mainly used in the following aspects:

Used as flux: when zinc oxide is used as flux in low temperature frit glaze, the general dosage is between 5% and 10%, while the general dosage in low temperature raw glaze is about 5%.

2. As turbidity agent: adding zinc oxide to glaze containing higher Al2O3 can improve the turbidity of glaze surface. Because zinc oxide and Al2O3 can generate zinc spinel  ZnO, Al2O3  crystals. In zinc-containing opacified glaze, Al2O3 can improve the whiteness and opacification of glaze surface. SiO2 can improve the gloss of the glaze.

3. Used as crystallizer: in the crystal glaze of art glaze, zinc oxide is an indispensable crystallizer. When the glaze is rapidly cooled, it forms a large crystal pattern, which is very beautiful. The dosage of zinc oxide in crystal glaze is as high as 20 ~ 30%.

4. For cobalt sky blue glaze: zinc oxide is a very important flux in the cobalt sky blue glaze, which enables cobalt oxide to form a beautiful sky blue in the glaze.

5. Used as ceramic pigment: due to its strong melting effect, zinc oxide can be used as flux, mineralizer and glaze carrier of ceramic pigment.

And zinc oxide in use should pay attention to the following:

A, before use must be made via high temperature calcination, calcination temperature at about 1200 ℃. If not calcined directly into the raw glaze, it will affect the technical performance of the glaze. No calcining is required in the addition of the frit.

Two, zinc oxide in glaze material dosage will affect glaze luster.

3. Zinc oxide has bad influence on some color glaze, especially chrome glaze

The personage inside course of study thinks, the zinc oxide powder that USES fineness 1000 mesh left and right sides in formula of ceramic glaze, as a result of grain size slight change, specific surface area increases, it is water absorption rate decreases.

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