Development opportunity of zinc oxide industry

Development opportunity of zinc oxide industry

  1. Opportunities brought by the rapid development of related industries

The rubber tyre industry is the industry with the largest amount of zinc oxide, which still accounts for about 60% of the total amount of zinc oxide. Including direct zinc oxide, indirect zinc oxide, wet zinc oxide. By 2010, radial tires were growing at about 20 percent a year. World-class tire companies are building factories in China. Such world-class multinational companies as Michelin, bridgestone, pirelli and Goodyear have basically completed their domestic layout. High – grade tires required zinc oxide, zinc oxide production enterprises to provide a broad market development space. So domestic direct zinc oxide with indirect zinc oxide, active zinc oxide and content of 99% has a good prospect.

The rapid development of the magnetic material industry in China has seen an annual growth rate of 28 percent over the past five years. As a new material, magnetic material has a wide range of applications and has a good market prospect. In particular, zinc – manganese ferrite accounts for more than 60% of soft – magnetic output. The domestic enterprise of magnetic material basically is privately owned enterprise holds dominant position. The high-end products of magnetic materials are basically monopolized by foreign enterprises. The output value of China’s magnetic materials industry is less than that of a large Japanese enterprise, such as nikagawa, Hitachi, TDK, etc. With the investment of scientific research in China’s magnetic material industry and the continuous development of high-end products, the demand for high purity and high quality zinc oxide will be further expanded. Domestic zinc oxide enterprises should step up further in the improvement of production scale, product quality and technical level.

  1. National policy orientation in the eleventh five-year plan

According to the national industrial policy guidance of the “11th five-year plan”, China’s expressway, railway, new rural construction, power grid and other infrastructure facilities still need to speed up construction, and the demand for zinc oxide in relevant supporting industries is showing a steady growth trend. China’s energy industry, petrochemical industry, fertilizer and other industries required by the catalyst, desulfurizer and other products, new materials, new energy, new technology related to some emerging industries are required to use zinc oxide, so that the application field of zinc oxide is expanded. Nanometer zinc oxide, active zinc oxide and other functional zinc oxide, in pressure sensitive resistance, pressure sensitive ceramics, magnetic materials, photoelectricity and other industries applications are also promising.

Although the total amount of zinc oxide has increased a lot in the past two years, the increase in the use of zinc oxide in the new material industry is much higher than that in the traditional industry. As the development of zinc oxide industry, we should aim at new material industry and high-tech industry to adapt to the development of science and technology in our country. In some high-tech industries using zinc oxide, new materials industry, domestic production of high-quality zinc oxide series of products manufacturers, can be selected by foreign powerful enterprises less, should seize the opportunity to develop functional zinc oxide. Change current low grade, product onefold, homogenization the tendency of vicious competition.

  1. Seize the development opportunities of wet active zinc oxide and nanometer zinc oxide.

After more than 20 years of cultivation in the market, zno has been gradually mature. With the development of national high-tech and the rise of various emerging industries, the demand for activated zno and nano-zno is relatively strong. In particular, domestic demand for reactive zinc oxide will have a sustained growth. Mainly in the catalyst industry and the oil industry; Secondly, some special industries in rubber industry and automobile industry. In these industries, active zinc oxide has more performance advantages than common zinc oxide. The active zinc oxide itself also has certain cost advantage, in the zinc price unceasingly rising circumstance, the active zinc oxide has certain market competition ability.

For enterprises producing active zinc oxide, the key is to improve the production technology and quality assurance system of active zinc oxide. In particular, domestic enterprises with technological advantages should constantly develop active zinc oxide series of varieties, combine with scientific research, and take the development direction of active zinc oxide, high-purity zinc oxide, functional zinc oxide and nanometer zinc oxide as the market orientation. In promoting the development of China’s zinc oxide industry, we should not only seize the opportunity of market development to strengthen enterprises themselves, but also break the situation that high-end products are monopolized by foreign countries.

At present, few enterprises can truly reach the quality index of nanometer zinc oxide. The state has formulated the quality technical standards for nanometer zinc oxide products, which is conducive to standardizing and guiding the production enterprises of nanometer zinc oxide and conducive to the healthy development of the market. I believe that in the next two years, domestic nano-zinc oxide will have a qualitative leap.