Partial noun explanation of feed grade zinc oxide
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Partial noun explanation of feed grade zinc oxide

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Partial noun explanation of feed grade zinc oxide

For feed grade zinc oxide, national standard HG/T 2792-2011 is mainly to the main content and the content of heavy metals, and other features and rules, which appeared on the market for their product features a variety of nouns, such as feed grade nano zinc oxide, lightweight zinc oxide, activated zinc oxide, heavy zinc oxide, package is zinc oxide, etc. There are many forms of zinc oxide, each of which has different characteristics, so it is certain that its effects will be different.

The general meaning of these nouns is as follows:

product name


 mutual relation

Nano-zinc oxide

Nano-zno, zinc oxide with particle size within 1 ~ 100 nanometers, describes the superfine zinc oxide from the intuitive granularity.

The standard GB/T19589-2004.

The surface of nano-zinc oxide is extremely rich in zinc, so it must have a large specific surface area. From the perspective of use, one of the most concerned properties of nano-zinc oxide is the specific surface area, which represents the activity of zinc oxide. Reactive zinc oxide may or may not be nano zinc oxide, as long as the specific surface area is large enough. Nanometer zinc oxide and active zinc oxide are porous materials.


As for light zinc oxide and heavy zinc oxide, they are purely visual. Light zinc oxide may be nanoscale, or have a large specific surface area, but may not, and needs to be tested to determine. Heavy zinc oxide particles must be very thick, very small specific surface area.


The coated zinc oxide is usually treated with zinc oxide. At present, there are two types of products, namely, those in the form of powder or granule, which are directly coated with fatty acids on the surface of nanoparticles. Granules are formed by mixing zinc oxide with substances such as fatty acids and adhesives. This kind of coating is called embedding.



Activated zinc oxide

The main index of Active Zinc Oxide (Min.40m2/g) is Active Zinc Oxide, or Zinc Oxide Actived. With the increase of specific surface area, the number of unbonded atoms on the surface of particles increases, and the ability to seek reaction with the contact object increases.

The standard HG/T2572-2006.

Light zinc oxide

Undefined, it measures bulk density, relative to heavy zinc oxide。


Heavy zinc oxide

Undefined, it measures bulk density, relative to light zinc oxide.



Coated zinc oxide

Also known as coated zinc oxide, zinc oxide coating. The technical term for the chemical industry is surface modified zinc oxide, better known as surface modified oxide. Some of the special functions of zinc oxide make it possible to replace common zinc oxide, which may depend on the true effectiveness of such products and the country's restrictions on high zinc pollution in feed. 

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